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  • Sep. 2016 – Aug. 2018

Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) in Europe

The main goal of this project is to affirm the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) in Europe through Initial Vocational and Educational Training (IVET) curricula innovation ...

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  • Since 2016

SCOPE - Sharing and Collaborating Offering Practice Exchange

The main goal of the project is to establish transnational partnerships with organisations that work with people who use drugs, in order to reintegrate them according to educational practices, professional development and training programs.

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  • Since 2004

GIIC - Information and Consultancy Integrated Office

GIIC is oriented to individuals who find it difficult to enter the labour market and it offers support services for the creation of small businesses ...

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  • 2005 - 2007


The PRO-INSERE project was structured according to a territorialised action methodology in Vila Nova de Gaia that promotes the discovery, acquisition and promotion of individuals’ resources and competences that can favour their autonomy.

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  • 2012 - 2014


InWork is a European project that aims to promote the participation in society/integration in the labour market of marginalised and vulnerable groups, through the development of documentation and customised learning programs ...

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  • Since 2013

EPR Guarda - Reintegration

The Project of Social and Occupational Reintegration takes place in the Regional Prison Facilities of Guarda since 2008. Its goal is to promote the social reintegration of prisoners through the valorisation of work, the reconstruction of ...

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