The period for the submission of communications, workshops, posters and/or sessions proposals for the International Harm Reduction Conference (HR19) takes place over the next weeks and until the end of the current month. Click here to submit your abstract to the event, which will take place in Porto, between April 28th and May 1st, 2019.

HR19 theme, “People Before Politics”, aims to promote the discussion about the importance of placing public health and people's lives before any political ideology. This motto is particularly relevant in Portugal, since this country is a worldwide model in what concerns progressive drug policies and Harm Reduction.

Therefore, all those interested - researchers, activists, lobbyists, policy-makers, people who use drugs, healthcare professionals, sex workers, etc. - are hereby invited to submit their latest researches on drug policies and Harm Reduction. The presentations should be written in English or Portuguese and should focus on good practices concerning Harm Reduction e.g. innovative Harm Reduction Services, research, advocacy campaigns, peer educators' programmes, etc. 

Would you like to submit an abstract? Read our instructions/tips on how to write an adequate document (with an estimate of 300 words). Will then have the opportunity to present it at the event!

Submission period: 11:59PM - UK (UTC+1) - on September 28th, 2018.

After this period, the documents will be analysed by a global team before the programme is concluded by the Executive Committee, on November. A notification informing if the abstracts passed the selection process will be sent until December 31st.

If you have any doubt regarding the presentation of abstracts and the registry process (or other questions regarding the conference in general), please contact us at