The Health Intervention Department is celebrating its 10th anniversary today. 10 years of hard work, dedication, commitment, adventures and many memories. 

Over the years, the team aimed to promote the personal and social development of children, youngsters and the elderly from different social contexts, thus helping the more vulnerable populations.

Comprehending several projects (Tudo aos Direitos; Pés no Chão, Cabeça no Ar; Chapéu-de-chuva; Envelhecer a Crescer; ComTacto; Arriscar and InPacto), the GIS developed various pedagogical contents and carried out several activities and programs for the promotion of health of around 480 children and 90 elders.

"10 unending years, for our commitment goes beyond them. We'll have plenty of surprises in our 10th anniversary. Will you join us?" 

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