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We believe in the universal access to healthcare, education and jobs. With your collaboration, we can reinforce the impact of our intervention alongside the more vulnerable groups. Contribute to APDES’s work with your donation!

The donations have tax advantages

Since APDES is accredited as a Public Entity, your donations are deductible for tax purposes.

Natural Persons can deduct 25% of the donated amount to IRS duty taxation, limited to 15% established for tax deduction of the relevant year.

Companies can deduct the amount donated to IRC duty taxation and that value could increase up to 130%-140% - according to the nature of the supported project or initiative.

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Donate 0,5% of your income tax

Help us, for free!

By filling the IRS form; all taxpayers can “donate” 0.5% of the input tax. This consignment doesn’t involve any costs, since the value is subtracted from the total amount of tax liquidated by the State. This way, granting 0.5% of your income tax to APDES doesn’t have any costs; and it can be very important to us.

All you have to do is fill in APDES VAT number (510 414 923) in the Section 11, Model 3 of the Income Statement and mark with an “X” the option “Private Institutions of Social Solidarity or Public Utility Associations”. Together, we can contribute more!

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By knowing and advertising APDES’s projects, you’re already helping us. Talk about us, share our social networks pages and follow our progress!